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25 Words or DeathIn 25 Words Or Death

By Newt Mitzman and William Dalzell
Friday, July 14
Saturday, July 15
Sunday, July 16
Coronado Center
Tickets for this production are available only in advance, and may be purchased online at

In 25 Words or Death

Dinner theatre at the Coronado Center.  A fun mystery with floor staging creating an intimate setting for maximum audience involvement.
No trick of the mystery writer's art has been neglected in this play. There is the supposedly deserted inn, stormy weather, a Peter Lorre type, a Frankenstein, closets with built in bodies, a love story, and an assortment of characters the likes of whom you've never seen

The assembled group are the winners of a contest "I Like Foam Because... In 25 Words Or Less." The prize they all won is an old fashioned Thanksgiving in New England

When the winners realize that the lodge is inhabited by a group whose interests are more sinister than enjoying a pleasant weekend, the prize turns into an hilarious nightmare