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Board of Directors

 President Cathy Kraus 501-204-4009
Vice President Vikki Powell 405-210-1104
Treasurer Bill Jervis 501-922-3376
Secretary Donna Hinton 870-321-1297
Past President Karen Feckler 501-226-5570
Member-At_Large Kat Clayton 214-986-7943
Member-At_Large Alan Trippel 201-209-1277
Member-At-Large Larry Venable 941-400-4846

Committee Chairs

Care & Concern
JoNancy Sundberg
Hospitality Kathy Jervis 922-3376
Membership Laurel Gunderson 922-1758
Play Reading Melissa H. Sonnen 226-5570
Webmaster Shelly Kleinman 214-494-2560